3:25:00 AM

Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 12DEC2011

Email From:
Julie C.-Burlington Ontario, Canada:
I was driving eastbound on the Queen Elizabeth Way from Burlington towards Mississauga after work today.  I don't know the exact time, but it was around 6p.  I saw a green ball of light falling across the sky.  At first I thought it was airplane lights, but it was going very fast and downwards as if nose diving.  The sky was dark so I did not have a point of reference.  Then I thought it was fireworks.  It had a tail of light and just vanished.  A few seconds after, two OPP vehicles sped past with their sirens blaring.  I'm not sure if the two are related.  I turned on the radio expecting to hear a news report about it, but did not and have been trying to figure out what it was I saw.  There didn't seem to be any explosions and I couldn't tell how far it was.

3:11:00 AM

Florida Meteor Fireball 17DEC2011

Email From:
Joe B.-Orlando, FL:
At dusk today, traveling on I-4 eastbound just south of downtown Orlando, spotted fireball in the east.  Duration of sighting about three to four seconds.  Large with clearly flaming tail, greenish color.  Small piece seemed to break off and burn out before large mass burned up and disappeared from view.  Direction was roughly south to north.  No other reports on local news yet.  Event witnessed by both my wife and me.

4:54:00 AM

IMPACT !!...Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball Likely Put "Rocks On The Ground" Near Selwyn 14DEC2011


Video courtesy and (c) 2011 UWO Fireball Camera Network

University of Western Ontario astronomers get rare video of meteor’s fall near Toronto

Astronomers from the University of Western Ontario have captured on video, a relatively rare occurrence — a meteor, estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, as it falls from the evening sky just outside of Toronto.The bright fireball or meteor travelled through the evening sky east of Toronto on Monday and was captured by a highly advanced video surveillance system from the university.
Six cameras from Western’s Southern Ontario Meteor Network recorded a slow-moving fireball, estimated to be no bigger than a basketball, at 6:04 p.m. It first entered the atmosphere at a shallow angle of 25 degrees at 14 kilometres per second.
The sighting occurred near the peak of the annual Geminid meteor shower, but the meteor is unrelated to that shower.
The meteor, which was the size of a basketball, originates from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and is roughly the age of the solar system and older than any rocks on earth, said Peter Brown, director of Western’s Centre for Planetary and Space Exploration, in an interview with the Star.
Astronomers use the term meteor to describe the fireball as it passes through the atmosphere; prior to entry as it travels in space, it is called a meteoroid and when it lands on Earth it is called a meteorite, Brown said.
This particular meteoroid was part of an asteroid and likely broke off sometime in the last few million or tens of millions years, Brown said. “It has taken a few million years to travel from the asteroid belt to Earth. It just happened on Monday night the orbit of the meteor and Earth intersected.”
And Brown’s surveillance cameras, radar and sound technology were there to record it all in its glory. And now the six different views of the meteor’s descent are on YouTube for the world to watch.
When Brown, a professor in the physics and astronomy department at University of Western, received an automated notification from the network that it had recorded the descent of the meteor, he was excited and hopeful that it might have made its way to Earth. More often than not, meteors burn up in the atmosphere.
It took a day or two, but after calculating its altitude and rate of descent, he was convinced that it likely landed somewhere near the town of Selwyn, Ont., about 160 kilometres northeast of Toronto.
The meteor first became visible over Lake Erie then moved toward the north-northeast ending just south of Selwyn, he explained. Then, as the meteor descended, it likely broke into pieces and dropped several small meteorites — ranging from the size of a softball to grains of sand — along its path.
“Finding a meteorite from a fireball captured by video is equivalent to a planetary sample return mission,” said Brown. “We know where the object comes from in our solar system and can study it in the lab. Only about a dozen previous meteorite falls have had their orbits measured by cameras so each new event adds significantly to our understanding of the small bodies in the solar system.
“It’s equivalent to sending a spacecraft out to an asteroid, grabbing some material and bringing it back for study,” he said.
Each new meteorite studied adds to scientists’ understanding of the formation and evolution of the solar system, Brown said.
And it’s hoped that once rocks from the meteorite are found, Brown and his team can begin studying them. They will look at everything from its mineral make up to its weight, mass and even check for radioactive isotopes. All these things pieces of information are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, helping astronomers build a picture of the geology of the solar system, Brown said.
Researchers from Western and the Royal Ontario Museum want to hear from you if you witnessed the meteor falling to Earth, recorded the event yourself or have found fragments of the fallen meteorite and are asking people to contact Kimberly Tait at ktait@rom.on.ca.
Brown also asks if you live in any of the small towns or communities near the fall zone — such as Clarina, Gilchrist Bay, Woodview and Stony Ridge, all around upper Stony Lake — that you be on the lookout for meteorites. And if you find any, contact the ROM.


3:07:00 AM

Washington State Meteor Fireball 16DEC2011

Email From:
Jeannie P.-Port Orchard, WA:
I was heading West on Nelson Road in Port Orchard, and all of the sudden, above the trees, looked like a shooting star......but bright white with a streak of orange/red through the center, came from the South (left) of my car, and flew over the trees towards the North...(my right) It was so close that I literally slammed on my breaks an ducked, like a low flying aircraft... there was no sound I could hear. I rushed home to check the internet, if anyone else had seen what I saw. QUITE A SITE TO SEE!!!
The call I made just after seeing it was 11:56pm Friday,12/16/2011 coming from the South heading North in Port Orchard WA, from Nelson Road.
I hope this information helped.
Jeannie P.

3:03:00 AM

Florida Meteor Fireball 16DEC2011

Email From:
Wayne B.-Fernandina Beach, FL:
Fireball seen Dec 16, 2012 at Fernandina Beach FL app 8:00 PM (did not look at time could be off) In SE sky moving W to E visible 5 sec bright and flaming.
Saw one in NE GA in mid Oct this year. Seen three in my 60+years, two in three months. First in the seventies at Charlotte NC.

3:13:00 AM

Geminid Meteor Fireball Image Captured From North Carolina 14DEC2011

ELPALLSKY Reader Ken Christison Captures GEMINID Fireball Over Conway, NC 2:23 A.M. EST-07:23 UTC 14DEC2011
Thank you Ken for this great shot. Congrats!
image courtesy and (c) Ken Christison-Conway, NC-click image to enlarge

12:29:00 PM



Geminids Meteor Shower: 'Up All Night' With NASA!
Composite view of 2008 Geminid meteor shower False-color composite view of 2008 Geminid meteor shower. (NASA/MSFC/B. Cooke, NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office) View large image

More Information
Link: All Sky Camera Network
NASA News: Meteors
Wikipedia: Geminids
Put on the hot chocolate...find a warm, toasty location...and join us on the night of Dec. 13-14 for our "Up All Night with NASA" live Web chat about the 2011 Geminid meteor shower!

The Geminids -- the final major meteor shower of the year -- will be somewhat obstructed by a waning gibbous moon. Anytime between Dec. 12-16 is a valid window for Geminid-watching, but the night of Dec. 13-14 is the anticipated peak.

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, meteor experts Dr. Bill Cooke, Danielle Moser and Rhiannon Blaauw from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center will be answering your questions about the Geminids via a live Web chat. Join them on Dec. 13 at 11 p.m. EST, then stay up until 5 a.m. EST for the meteor shower.

Joining the chat is easy. Simply return to this page a few minutes before 11 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Dec. 13. The chat module will appear at the bottom of this page. After you log in, wait for the chat module to be activated, then ask your questions.

Ustream Feed
A live video/audio feed -- did you know that meteors blip, ping, and whistle? -- of the Geminid shower is embedded below. The camera is mounted at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. During the day, you'll see a dark gray box -- the camera is light-activated and will turn on at dusk each evening. Even before the camera activates, you can still hear the audio of meteors passing through the sky.

More About the Geminids
Geminids are pieces of debris from an object called 3200 Phaethon, which is something of a mystery. Near closest approach to the Sun (perihelion), Phaethon exhibits increases in brightness similar to that of a comet; however, its orbit is characteristic of an asteroid. Extinct comet or asteroid? The debate still rages among astronomers.

In mid-December of each year, Earth runs into the stream of debris from Phaethon, which causes the Geminid meteor shower -- a beautiful display of meteors for us to enjoy. Unlike the Perseids or Leonids, the Geminids are a relatively young meteor shower, with the first reports occuring in the 1830's citing rates of about 20 per hour. Over the decades the rates have increased -- it is now the best annual meteor shower - and we regularly see between 80 and 120 per hour at its peak on a clear evening. The Moon will hamper that this year, but if your skies are clear you can still expect to see as many as 40 per hour.

One can tell if a meteor belongs to a particular shower by tracing back its path to see if it originates near a specific point in the sky, called the radiant. The constellation in which the radiant is located gives the shower its name; Geminids all appear to come from a point in Gemini, Leonids appear to radiant from Leo, and so on.

More About the Chat Experts
Bill Cooke
Danielle Moser
Rhiannon Blaauw

5:15:00 AM

Major Meteor Fireball Widely Seen over Eastern US 08DEC2011

10:31 P.M. CST-11:31 P.M. EST 08DEC2011
Captured by a Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-Lake Station, IN

From ELPALLSKY: 09DEC2011...
Although at a distance on the horizon from the camera, Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Operator Steve Witt posts this capture of the widely seen Eastern US fireball which occured at 04:31 UTC (10:31 pm CST-11:31 pm EST) on Dec 8, 2011. Eyewitness reports to ELPALLSKY follow Steve's video below. Thank you Steve, for your diligence!

Email From:
Michelle K.-Montello, WI:
I saw the same thing...it was a bright green ball with a green tail. I was traveling southeast in montello Wisconsin and the light traveled from left to right.

Anonymous Reporter:
A bright green burning meteor seen all over southern Illinois. Tons of people seen it falling in a bright green light then it exploded.

Jason B.-Chicago, IL:
around midnight 08dec11 over Chicago in southern sky a bright white fireball like a low plane came almost straight down from east to west lasting several seconds and breaking into 3 large white chunks with tails.

Pete & Ann O.-De Plaines, IL:
Great website!  My name is Pete and I was comming home from Wisconsin on 12-08-2011.  I was traveling Southbound on I-294 when around 8PM, I caught glimpse of a huge fireball!  I was on the Des Plaines, Illinois area of tollway when at the Eastern part of the sky, there was a bluish-green fireball that had a long tail that seemed to be breaking up.  It was traveling about -20* from horizontal and was twice as bright as Jupiter!!  I thought for sure I would see this on the news via landing in someone's backyard!


3:16:00 AM

Minnesota Meteor Fireball 08DEC2011

Email From:
Brett B.-St. Peter, MN-6:25 P.M. CST:
Greenish white fireball (like a large shooting star) traveled north to south across the horizon.  It lasted several seconds.

3:08:00 AM

Possible North Texas Daylight Meteor Fireball 07DEC2011

Email From:
Kristy J.-Richardson, TX-11:50 A.M. CST:
Driving south on Waterford and  Synergy Park Blvd. area of Richardson, TX, I spotted a meteor streaking through the sky. It was headed just to the southeast. Then it broke into two parts with one seeming to drop straight down, while the other continued until out of sight. The meteors had short white tails, fanned out at the end. The streak was much like a jet airplane leaves, only much shorter and slightly fanned out at the end of the tail.  Did anyone else see this?  Thanks Kristy! So this event occured in broad daylight? Great catch!

READERS...If you witnessed this apparent daylight fireball over N Texas, Please submit your sighting descriptions to wxtx01@gmail.com for confirmation. THANK YOU!

5:02:00 AM

Kansas Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

Email From:
Mark R.-Pittsburg, KS
Bright fireball, which appeared to have struck the ground in SEK or SW Mo, spotted @23:47 cst through southeast window looking east southeast from 604 west Jefferson, Pittsburg KS.  Trajectory seemed nearly vertical. Experience was brief but vivid.  Thank you Mark! READERS...If you saw this fireball please share your details at wxtx01@gmail.com

3:32:00 AM

Iowa Meteor Fireball 07DEC2011

From The DUSK OBSERVATORY And Tim Cline: 07DEC2011-02:04:03 UTC (8:04:03 P.M. CST)-Southeast of DeMoins, IA

Jim,I caught this sweet fireball last night....
Here is pic and video if you want to post it....
Thanks Tim...Great Catch!
image above and movie below courtesy and (c) 2011-Tim Cline-Dusk Observatory
READERS...If you saw this fireball event, please share what you saw with us...wxtx01@gmail.com Thanks all!

5:08:00 AM

Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 04DEC2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 5 2011, 11:42 AM Guest186 (guest):
Name is Sam, I was travelling northbound on HWY 527 North 8 miles North of city of Thunder Bay, Ontario..i noticed a streaking bluish/greenish fireball lasting 1 or 2 seconds travelling East or Northeast & disappeared in the tree-line..the time was 6:19pm EST on Dec. 4th, 2011..

3:47:00 AM

California Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

Email From
Matthew A.-December 6, 2011 - Santa Clara, California approx.. 8:30/8:45pm PST 
Side Note...SJ Sharks had just lost the 2nd period
Orange/White fireball moving east to west, crossed almost directly overhead,
perhaps 1 degree further north.  Covered visible arc distance in about 4
Long tail, orange in color, fairly low in the sky. Lots of air traffic at
the time as well.
My GPS coords are 37.35501 - 121.98667, 56ft altitude.  No large buildings
or other obstructions, single story homes for a few square miles.   
Thanks for the heads up Matthew! 

Anyone have any other submissions for this event?...wxtx01@gmail.com

3:12:00 AM

Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

Email From:
Patrick-Sudbury Ontario, Canada-5:45 P.M. EST:
Witnessed a large fireball that was heading due north by Sudbury, Ontario.  Appeared as though it had broken up into 2 or 3 pieces burning blue/green.  This meteor would have landed north west of Sudbury.  I’m wondering if anyone else had seen this event?  Thank you Patrick! OTHERS see this event? Email wxtx01@gmail.com with your details. Thanks!

9:58:00 PM

UPDATE!!!.....4TH Meteor Fireball Reported From North Carolina In 24 HRS 03DEC2011...Also Seen In Virginia, Tennessee

Email From:
Parks A.-Charlotte, NC:
Tonight in the southern horizon south of my location in Charlotte, NC about 630 or so. Fragmenting as it fell. Lasted about three seconds from my viewpoint.  Blueish green in color. An aquaintance in Winston Salem also spotted it also so I'm not sure how far south from Charlotte it was in reality. Heading from west to east.  Thank You Parks!!
UPDATE !!!!!! This event captured by NASA All Sky Fireball Camera
6:46 P.M. EST 03DEC2011

image above and video below courtesy NASA and Tellus Science Museum-Cartersville, GA


Jason W.
Saw the same thing as everyone else about the same time.   We were between Aurora and New Bern NC.

Patricia R.
Heading up Highway 86North, just crossed into Caswell County (NC) saw a very bright blue meteor.

Ramsey J.-Knoxville, TN
While driving southwards I saw a huge fireball fall from about 40 degrees above the horizon almost directly south (slightest towards the east) towards the horizon. It made it to about 10 degrees above the horizon before it blinked out. I live in the city and it was a little hazy last night, but it was hard to miss, so must have been a bright one! It was a sea green color.

Michele B.
I came across your sight trying to research what I may have seen last night. I tried to sign up so I could post, but wasn't able to do that. Approximately 7 p.m. EST in Frankfort, Kentucky on Saturday December 3, 2011, I was walking my dog and saw what looked like a small bright white burning particle falling down vertically (very much at an angle) from apprx. east to west. This was about 1/4 a mile from I-64. Where I live has no street lights and this was right across the street in a field. It appeared to burn out before it hit the ground. This is fascinating - any idea what it was that I saw?

Stanley G.
Atlanta,I85 northbound about 6:45 pm. My first  thought was an airliner was falling out of the sky, but it was way too fast. Very bright  with a comet like tail, lasting a few seconds before flaming out. Seen lots of sho oting stars in my 72 years, never anything this bright or large. Expected to here on news about space debris of some sort. NOTA!

Carolyn J.-Ft. Blackmore, VA-~7:00 P.M. EST
Saw a huge green fireball falling very quickly in the eastern sky, probably lasted about 3 seconds before it went out of sight over the mountains.  Very impressive!

Brenda-Panther Stadium-Charlotte, NC:
Hi.  Friend and I both saw fireball while standing outside Panther Stadium Saturday evening a little before 7pm.  It was quite large and orange, not a typical shooting star.  Quite exciting!

Andy & Laurel B.-Dacula, GA-6:45 P.M. EST:
Driving on Hamilton Mill Road and saw it trailing downward in the southern sky... Very bright and moving very fast... Left like a dotted illuminated line in the sky toward the end of it... Lasted for at least 3 seconds... I haven't seen anything that bright in the sky since the soviet missile back in the late 80's... But this was moving much faster than that.

Samantha C.-Del Rio, TN:
We saw a very bright sparkly orange light appearing to be larger than a normal shooting star Dec 3, 2011 at around 6:40 pm. We were driving on Old 15th Road, Del Rio TN. We were heading east. It appeared to be headed in an easterly direction. This light was bigger then anything I have ever seen. It was sparkly in nature, and did not have any trailing light than I am used to seeing. It looked like a mixture of orange and white sparkles. And it was so fast it only stayed in our view for less then a second. But so big it was very hard to miss.

Pamela M.-Irmo, SC:
Hi: My children age 11  and 14, where the very luck viewers of the meteroite that was seen by others in the SC, NC, VR, TN area!  I believe we may have been the closest viewers as my kids remarked that this meterorite was shockingly large!  It frieghtened them!  I'd like to ask you about sites or further information on estimating distance when viewing a meterorite falling! Here's a description for posting on your site!

According to Amelia who is 14 and witnessed this amazing site with 11 year old brother John. On December 3, 2011 about 6:40 PM, Amelia and John had just exited the front door of our home to go to a neighbors house.  I have carefully determined they were facing south-south west, looking up into the sky, a very large fire ball traveling north-west to south-east became visible. The fire ball appeared enormous to them and was a large glowing white ball ringed in red fire.  The ball was followed by a large long thick bright tail, that gradiated from red to orange and then yellow towards the end of the tail.  It entered their vision on a diagonal in relation to them (over the shoulder feeling) traveling sort of paralell to the horizon as they viewed it.  Using the horizon as a parallel (arm stretched straight forward fingers pointing straight and over head being 90 degrees, the meteor was at 50 degrees in the sky.  The meteor appeared large in size seeming slightly smaller than the moon would appear if that low in the sky on nights when it is full (though the moon was not full that night).  The tail was unusually thick and extremely and surprisingly long, being about 20 times longer than the meteor. The meteor traveled a short distance and stalled in forward momentum as a result of breaking into two fiery pieces and the tail dissipated.  Then it broke into two more pieces and fizzled and disappeared.

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 3 2011, 6:37 PM Zebrology (guest):
I'm in Concord, NC and I saw a huge ball in the sky with fire tracking behind it. It was only in the sky for a few seconds and it just disappeared.

Dec 4 2011, 3:41 PM Guest99 (guest):
Last night, Dec 3rd, at 6:40 pm, while traveling out of Salisbury, Nc headed towards Charlotte, South on I85, my Mom & I saw what looked like a large fireball falling from the sky. At first I was certain it was a plane crashing, it was very bright (white) with obvious flames streaming behind it, traveling too fast for any plane in retrospect. It was about a 5 second lapse before it started to break apart & at least one large portion fell off and disintegrated as it fell. My son was very frightened (he is 6 
Dec 4 2011, 5:37 AM Dan Parker:
witnessed a large green meteor/fireball on Dec 3rd 2011 in Greenville SC. It was traveling roughly east to west with a duration of 2-3 seconds. It broke into 2-3 large pieces. I have never seen such a large and beautiful meteor in my life! Between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm EST

8:49:00 PM

Connecticut Meteor Fireball 03DEC2011

Email From:
Allie D.-Stratford, CT-6:00 P.M. EST
A very bright fireball low in the horizon while driving. Thanks Allie! A few more details please? Direction you were traveling, direction object traveled (right to left etc.) duration, color. Thanks!

8:41:00 PM

Green Pennsylvania Meteor Fireball 03DEC2011

Email From:
Chelsea B.-Somerset, PA:
Saw a large green gaseous "fireball" falling low in the sky a little after 8 EST near Somerset, PA. I'm not very good with directions but I think it was "falling" northward.  Thanks Chelsea! If there are other witnesses to this event, we want to hear from you...send report to wxtx01@gmail.com THANKS!!

6:24:00 PM

A Third North Carolina Meteor Fireball Within 24 Hrs. 03DEC2011

Email From:
Brian W.-Coleridge, NC:
Hi. I saw one at around 1am in Coleridge NC very bright and wide  trail seemed almost smokey and it flashed like it broke up or exploded part way appeared towards the west sky. I never seen one like it before so I searched online and seen the earlier reports of one and wanted to add this one. Thank you Brian...Others see this third event? email wxtx01@gmail.com w/ your report! Thanks.

5:20:00 AM

Canada,Ohio Meteor Fireball 03DEC2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 4 2011, 5:55 AM Guest171 (guest):
On Dec 3rd 2011 in Dover OH I saw a green meteor falling from east to west. The duration was around 3 sec. It had a long tail and was very vivid and beautiful. Jason Beachy

Dec 4 2011, 9:15 AM Guest701 (guest):
dont know what it was but it was over the middletown ohio area, it looked like three fireballs with a long trail of sparks that lasted a couple of minutes. at one point one would disappear and then reappear closer to the other two, never seen anything like it.

Dec 3 2011, 10:11 PM John Glanz:
Appox. 6:30pm to 7pm I didn't look at the clock, as we drove out in the darkend country due north we saw to the north north east a large fire ball which appeared to be heading North East, and we saw what looked like a flow of a trail (as if we were looking at the afterburners of a jet). We saw this in Ida Michigan, it seemed to be over Monroe, MI (but I'm certain it was likely way up over Canada. Has anyone else seen this this early evening? December 3, 2011 

3:49:00 AM

Oregon Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
James B.-Canby,OR:
I saw a very large bright low streaming light pass across the sky about 5:15pm or so from Canby, Oregon 97013. It was headed Westward. Just looked to see if there was any news about it but hav'nt been able to find anything posted anywhere. Hmmm It was huge and bright. Any info for me?
Thanks  Thanks James! Are there other witnesses to this event??? Please email a description to wxtx01@gmail.com Thank you!

Unnamed Reporter-Willamette Valley, OR:
Saw what looked like fireball or comet or meteor going from south to northwest in twilight sky dec 2 in the central willamette valley oregon

Natasha O.-Eugene, OR:
Hello! So excited others saw this as well! I live in Eugene and saw the beautiful greentailed fireball heading west at about 5:15pm(?). Seemed so slow moving at the time...
My roomie also saw it as he was driving home.
At first I thought it was a misguided firework from the PAC 12 game at Autzen Stadium about 3 miles away - but I quickly realized it was different!

Dean-Hillsboro, OR:
I was in Hillsboro just off hwy 26 & Cornell road driving west, Dec. 2nd I saw a big neon green meteor like object falling slowly from space at an angle I was looking South and it was falling from East to West, falling slowly the ball of green light grew bigger as it came closer and I was wondering how close it really was, I figured it was probably falling somewhere within 50miles it was hard to tell distance because it was large yet came down and seemed pretty close, I'd guess perhaps McMinnville area as a rough estimate.  I've seen strange things in the sky before, and thought to google this to see if anyone else wrote about it... the thing is I'm reading all of these posts about green balls of light falling down and everyone seems to be describing seeing the same thing around the same area... this is strange to me because most of them are from September 2011, and this was December 2nd 2011... I'm noticing a pattern here and thinking it does not seem random like a falling meteor to me; I'm thinking this could be a landing area.  Since this does not seem to be random \ because of the strange color, and locations seem to be the same, I'm thinking this is not just some random rock falling from space, but on the contrary I have a feeling this is from some form of intelligence.  "I also pondered operation blue-beam" but really I have no idea what is going on at all.

Sasha D.-Mt. Shasta, CA:
Yes! I saw this too at the same Time. I saw it going north from Mt Shasta, ca driving on the I-5. It fell behind a small mountain called black butte. I pulled over to see if anything had caught on fire or if there was an eruption from when it hit the earth. It looked like a massive shooting star or like a fireball/small meteorite. My
Uncle who Lives in shasta also Saw the same thing. WEIRD!!!

Kym J.-N. Portland, OR :
I wasn't sure what it was @ first around 515pm 12/02/11. It was the size of a quarter if one held it up in front of themselves! Big, bright & white, moving fast at an angle towards earth moving sw to west then went behind my view/curtain as I was sitting on a friends couch happening to be gazing out the window @ that particular moment. So cool & perfect timing. Reminding me once again of how fragile life is.

Darla P.-West Linn, OR:
I was driving SW on I205 approximately 5:15pm by West Linn, OR and saw a very large, white object shooting through the sky in the direction of Canby, OR.  It was like a shooting star, only much larger and slower.  It just seemed to "burn out" after a bit.  It was quite striking, and after I arrived home I asked my husband if he had seen anything on the news about it.  He said that he hadn't.  Please keep us updated with info...I'd like to know what it was! Thanks ~Darla P.

7:11:00 PM

Southern California Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
Deanne S.-Fountain Valley, CA:
At just-past-6 pm local (maybe 6:08), I was driving into my neighborhood (eastward) and saw a bright bluish-white trail begin on the sky from left to right (north to south).  It at first appeared to me to be the flame from the engine of a single-engine military fighter aircraft but then as it elongated, I realized it was something coming in to the earth's atmospheres.  It began to break apart, I assume, as I saw a few bits come away and quickly disintegrate.  Finally as it reached the right side of my windshield it fizzled out.  Very neat, I've never seen anything like it before.  Thanks for the heads up Deanne!! Others who saw this please email your description to wxtx01@gmail.com Thank You!

6:29:00 PM

Ontario Canada, Michigan Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
Kelly M.-Northern MI:
I actually saw one around 9-10 pm in northern Michigan, it looked like one hit the ground but not sure I haven't heard any news?

Kathryn M.-London Ontario, Canada:
at about 9:15pm (estimate - I was driving) I saw what looked like a comet with a greenish hue flash through the sky to the North.
I can't find anything on line about it either.

4:36:00 PM

Another North Carolina Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
Bruce H.-Bath, NC-~4:00pm EST:
Just saw something fall out of sky. I'm near Bath N.C. looking South. Long streak of light then fizzeled out above tree line  Thanks for the heads up Bruce...OTHERS SEE THIS EVENT? Email wxtx01@gmail.com with your reports. THANK YOU!

Diane H.-Darlington, SC:
I saw what my daughter & I think was a shooting star. Well something falling from the sky.
It was tonight 12/2/11 around 6-6:30pm here in Darlington, SC. Maybe East/South east. But it was bright as a white LED light with sparlles that fizzled out on the way out. It was almost horizontal but slightly going down. Way too high for fireworks & surely not a plane. I wonder what it was?

Stacey M.-Wake Forest, NC:
Hello! Got to your blog from Google after seeing a large fiery object moving quickly across the sky. It was exactly how I pictured Haley's comet back when I was a child. It had a long trail or tail.  I actually thought for a moment "this is the end," since I've never seen anything like it. It was a little after 6pm here in Wake Forest, NC; I had just finished a jog.

Ben H.-Raleigh, NC:
I saw your posting on a website and Im wondering if we saw the same thing. I was heading south into Raleigh about 6:00pm tonight when I saw a bright meteor go across the sky that seemed to travel from northeast to southwest. It obviously broke apart and disintegrated and you could see that happen really well from where I was sitting in my car.

Paula B.-Raleigh, NC:
I saw the same thing described by Ben H. in Raleigh. I am in Raleigh, was travelling south just after 6:00 when I saw the “fireball”. Any word on what it was?
Maari C.-Unknown Location:
I saw this too. Last night 12-2 around 6:15ish. It was a bright ball of light, like a close-up shooting star. I could see it breaking apart with little bits burning off the back as it fell. I thought for sure it would hit the ground. It seemed  so close. I kept waiting to hear it hit the ground somewhere. It seemed like the dogs in our neighborhood started barking around the same time. It was really cool. I've never seen something like that.

R. Peters-Greenwood, SC:
At just-past-6 pm local (maybe 6:08), I was driving into my neighborhood (eastward) and saw a bright bluish-white trail begin on the sky from left to right (north to south).  It at first appeared to me to be the flame from the engine of a single-engine military fighter aircraft but then as it elongated, I realized it was something coming in to the earth's atmospheres.  It began to break apart, I assume, as I saw a few bits come away and quickly disintegrate.  Finally as it reached the right side of my windshield it fizzled out.  Very neat, I've never seen anything like it before.

"Arizona Dewdrop"-Columbia, SC:
around 6pm last night I saw a bright white shooting star. Larger than any I've ever seen. It also had a tail that was thick and white, but not as bright as the star itself. It seemed to travel the. Entire length of the sky than fizzeled.  What was it? 

4:13:00 PM

ATTENTION !! MARK From The BAY AREA...Recent Request To Upload Your Pictures Of A Meteor Fireball...

Mark From The SF Bay Area. You recently posted a comment asking where you could upload a picture you obtained of a fireball in Northern California. PLEASE contact me at wxtx01@gmail.com ASAP. Thank you!!!

3:40:00 PM

Possible BC Canada Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
Shea D.-Vancouver British Columbia, Canada:

Was sitting outside on my balcony last night which faces north, about 1:30am chatting on the phone with a friend and saw a large light move slowly across the sky eastwards. It was big and slow, I looked at the road and saw a street light and was describing to my friend that it was the colour of the street lamp (yellow-ish) and nearly the same size but moving quite slowly, I tried to go get my camera after realizing how slow it was moving but missed it, operator failure We get lots of sea planes, planes and helicopters in the sky but this was big and slow! Stranger yet, I continued talking and another light caught my eye, suddenly where I originally spotted it, same size and moving the same direction.
Wonder what it could've been?
Vancouver, BC

9:33:00 AM

Latest Fireball Reports From The ELPALLSKY CHATBOX 02DEC2011

Dec 1 2011, 11:05 AM Guest383 (guest):  
Carly. Berkeley, CA (west). 8am. something large with a long smoke trail falling out of sky this morning around 8am? I wasn't alone when I saw it so I know I am not going crazy... It basically looked like a jet with a gorgeous smoke trail in the sunrise. My cousin and I were admiring the beauty and then stopped in the middle of the street when we realized, "Wait! That is going straight DOWN...Not straight ACROSS the sky!" We were in West Berkeley looking toward the south/south west.  Thank you Carly!
Dec 2 2011, 7:26 AM Angela Davis: 
Anyone in the STL (Saint Louis, MO) area see what I did last night??
It was orange and big and freaky, Horzontal orange flash of light with a big brighter flash above it, then went away slowly wow,, I know im not the only one!!
last night in ST louis about 11 pm  Thanks Angela! Now we wait for other witnesses to write in.

9:15:00 AM

North Carolina Meteor Fireball 06:08 A.M. EST 02DEC2011

This Was A Widely Seen Event And We Need Additional Reports !!!
Please Email Your Reports To ELPALLSKY (click)

Email From:
Phil M.-Wilmington, NC-06:08 A.M. EST:
Large glowing fireball, aprox 2 seconds, moving from NE to SW across the sky. Yellow, white then green in color with increasing sparks near the end then disappearing with a slight flash. Witnessed with a friend after our early morning run. I have seen “shooting stars”, this was much larger and with intense color.Thanks,

Kerry B.-Clayton, NC-06:08 A.M. EST:
Approx ½ in in diameter. White fireball with red perimeter. Observed dropping from about 120 deg above horizon to 50 deg when lost in treeline. Moving on a S/SW direction viewed from 35.652703 -78.400872. Approx 2 second view. Strong long tail that immediately disappeared. Maintained diameter from where viewed consistent with rapid altitude drop vs shooting across (away) the sky. KB – Clayton NC

Christy H.-Shelby, NC:
My husband and coworkers also saw this on the way in to work (approx. 6:10 am./ Dec. 2.) They were traveling on hwy.74 in from Shelby, NC toward neighboring Kings Mountain, NC. They described it as bright with changing colors, green orange, and blue.  Duration was estimated 4-5 secs. and pretty awesome because so many saw it.  Said it looked as if it streaked and then descended quickly.
Gayle-Grandfather Mountain, NC:
I saw something fall out of the sky at approximately 6:10 this morning.  I live near Grandfather Mountain.  It was blue/green and as it disappeared, it has gold/yellow sparks trailing it.  Do you know what it was???? December 2nd, 6:08am, Grandfather Mountain area.
Blue/green ball, I saw it for about 3-4 seconds, as it disappeared, it has gold/yellow sparks coming from the back end.

Pablo R.-Lillington, NC:
I witnessed this sighting on my way to work while I was driving south on NC210 in Lillington NC at 06:08 AM. It appeared to be large in diameter (between baseball and basketball).  It was big with a large bright white with green  tail and lasted around 5 seconds.  I saw it out of my driver side window and it was parallel to the top of my car; seemed like if I was driving along side of it.  It startled me because it was so close, possibly landed in my area; it was huge.

Jan R.-Winston Salem, NC:
I also saw what I guess to be a fireball Dec. 2, 2011 around 6:15 in the a.m. It shot across highway 52 and over the treetops, still flaming - yellowy-green. My first close encounter! 

8:52:00 AM

Tennessee Meteor Fireball 30nov2011

Email From:
Lannie R.-Morrison, TN-5:29 P.M. CST:
seen what looked like a bottle rocket shooting across the sky from south to north, at about 40 deg. above horizon,  looking east.  at  approx. 35.5739  -85.93 ,at 5:29 pm cat. there were 3 or 4 aircraft lights blinking in the same area of space. Just wondering what it was.  I see 1or 2 green fire balls in the same area every year but they usually go from north east to south west. Just saying :)
' Thanks

8:40:00 AM

Washington DC Meteor Fireball 28nov2011

From WJLA-ABC Washington, D.C.

Rainbow-colored, exploding meteor appears just south of D.C.

December 1, 2011 - 05:00 AM
Hordes of incandescent meteors have ripped across U.S. skies this past week. According to alert skywatchers, the nation's capital got in on the stellar action in a big way.
The delightful blog Lunar Meteorite Hunters carries two reports of a glowing nightly visitor that appeared between 40 and 60 miles south of D.C. on Monday, Nov. 28. The first account is from Patrick in Leonardtown, Md., who caught a bright object whizzing by overhead around 9:20 p.m. The flaming flier lasted about 2 seconds, cycling like an angry squid from red to blue to green. Says Patrick, with minor spelling/grammar errors fixed:
No discernible sound. Very bright, same as the moon. Not blinding, but quite noticeable. Not sure, [but it looked like it had] only one tail. I'm not sure if it was when it entered the atmosphere, but I saw almost an explosion or halo form around it about halfway through its travel before it disappeared.
A meteor that was hoisted with its own petard, you say? Go on!
The next account of Monday's space shenanigans comes from an unnamed observer in Stafford, Va., at approximately the same time of evening. This witness also says the object flamed out in a spectacular fashion:

Two seconds left to right. White, reddish. Brightest thing in the sky.... I thought it was a falling star but then it exploded with a bright flash of light. It look like it hit something and disintegrated. There was a big puff of what look like smoke.
The forums of the American Meteor Society bear no similar reports of a Monday-night fireball near D.C., but resident site expert Robert Lunsford notes a number of minor meteor showers that might account for the sparking skies. The Andromedid shower is still ongoing with "low, but detectable" and slow-moving meteors, and the November Orionids reached their anthill peak on Nov. 30. A dimmed, crescent moon is allowing amateur astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere to see as many as four shooting stars an hour, Lunsford says.
So keep your eyes open and you might just see one of these eerie travelers from the beyond. However, best know how to distinguish between a meteor and a helicopter, first.
Read More: Short URL: http://wj.la/thtlvj

5:27:00 AM

Northern California Meteor Fireball 30NOV2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 4 2011, 3:01 AM Guest486 (guest):
In the early evening of november 30th, I saw a long, white streak with blue tinges on the edges, about 1/4 of the sky long. The head looked like magnesium burning, blueish green light, as large as the moon in 1/2 wax. northern california near willow creek.

8:37:00 PM

Bright Southern California Meteor Fireball 27nov2011

Email From:
Ruth-Long Beach, CA:
Hi! What I saw was an orange fireball that disappeared in seconds. This happened in Long Beach, CA around 1:05am.. Can someone explains this to me plz? Thanks, Ruth  Thank YOU Ruth! Your report is confirmed below

Mark M.-San Diego, CA:
A possible meteor event happened early this morning in San Diego at approximately 1:15am. While out on a walk the ground lit up extremely brilliant blue/white (lighting all up like a huge camera flash brighter than daylight) and when I quickly looked up I saw a wide smoke trail from east to west in the clear sky directly above just as the bright light faded. I have never experienced a non-lightning flash such as this before.  Thanks for the confirmation Mark!

9:57:00 PM


Nov 25 2011, 12:40 AM Guest231 (guest):
saw a blue light go into an upward direction and then vanish after a couple seconds around 12:15 am this morning. from CT
Nov 25 2011, 10:51 PM Guest74 (guest):
approximately 9:15-30 CST, i saw what i can only describe as a fireball over western kentucky. it was flaming orange with a burning glow and you could see a blue tail behing it. It was not super fast light a shooting star, and very large.I can't believe i saw something like that. Was it a meteor?

9:15:00 PM

Possible Large Iowa, Missouri Meteor Fireball Captured By Iowa All Sky Camera 23nov2011


Below is an apparently large meteor fireball captured by Tim Cline at the Dusk Observatory Southeast of De Moines, Iowa. Tim Writes...
" Jim...I caught some kind of large event south of me in southern Iowa near the northern Missouri border....I am still trying to verify exactly what this was....I have an image and video....If you hear of anything in this area,,could you please alert me....
Here is a raw image....
Image Capture-23NOV2011 8:04:41 P.M. CST (02:04:41 UTC 24NOV2011)
Image courtesy and (c) 2011 Tim Cline-Dusk Observatory, IA-Movie will be posted when available
In image, N is UP and E is LEFT
READERS...If you saw this event, please send a description (please include time, date, location, direction you were facing, direction of travel...left to right etc... duration, color, and any sounds heard to wxtx01@gmail.com THANK YOU!! 

9:47:00 PM

California Meteor Fireball? 24nov2011

Email From:
Christiane T.-San Diego, CA:-7:15 P.M. PST
I saw an orange fireball in the sky tonight. It appeared  very close to the earth. It appeared to be going at a very slow rate, like someone parachuting out of a plane. I say appeared because I was amazed to see it so close up. However It couldn't have been as close as I thought. It burnt up before reaching the ground. I stopped my car to look at it in amazement!  Thanks Christiane!

9:34:00 PM

Arizona Meteor Fireball 23nov2011

Email From:
Robin and Dan C.-Mesa, AZ:
Hi, When I was out walking my dogs last night (Nov. 23, 2011 just after 8 pm) I saw a falling green light in the sky.  I live in Mesa and I was looking toward Phoenix.  I couldn’t figure out what it was because of it’s green colour and the angle of its fall (not straight down, but at angle).  Then it just disappeared and I didn’t see anything further on it. Sorry to be vague, but I wasn’t expecting to see a green light.  We live near the flight path to Phoenix airport and we’re used to seeing planes fly overhead at night, but they are never such a bright green colour.  It was the bright green colour that got my attention.
I hope this was somewhat helpful,  Indeed it is and thanks for your contribution!

8:25:00 PM

Southern New Mexico Meteor Fireball 22nov2011?

Email From:
Serena K.-Las Cruces, NM:
Last night we watched a reddish-orangish ball slowly ‘fall’ on the NE side of town. It would fade then get bright again, sort of like someone smoking a big cigarette in the sky. Not sure what it was, but it was cool! All I could think about was all the ‘end of days’ horror movies. I live in Las Cruces, southeast part of town (?). We saw ‘it’ November 22, Tuesday night around 8 – 8:30. Serena  Thank you Serena!...Checking NMSU All Sky Cameras for video. Will post if/when obtained

2:26:00 AM

Southern New Mexico, West Texas Long Duration Meteor Fireball 22nov2011

A 10+ second Bright Meteor Event Over Southern New Mexico And West Texas 5:48:23 p.m. MST 22nov2011 (00:48:23 UTC 23nov2011) Captured By Multiple Sandia And NASA Fireball Network Cameras

From The ELPALLSKY Sandia Fireball Camera-El Paso, TX
click image above and below to enlarge


From NASA Fireball Camera At New Mexico Skies Observatory Near Cloudcroft, NM


Email From:
Eric C.-El Paso, TX:
Hi Jim,
Just touching base and wanted to see if you had any info on the large meteor that passed over this evening.  I was setting-up my imaging system, when it passed over, about a quarter to 6 this evening (11/22/11).  I took some notes after it passed over and I have the exact time on my imaging laptop. It spanned more than 90 degrees across the sky.  It was brilliant white and began to break-up as it passed to the NE, just before the fireball extinguished.  It was traveling toward the ENE.  By far, the best meteor I've seen in my lifetime. Did you gather any data on this one?  I'd really be interested to hear.
Eric  Thank you Eric! Any other witnesses from El Paso, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, and surrounding communities ??  Please send your description to wxtx01@gmail.com for posting to this site. Specifically need color descriptions! Thank you!

12:20:00 AM

Arizona Meteor Fireball 20nov2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Nov 21 2011, 4:06 AM Guest663 (guest):
yesterday night at about 4.45am 11.20.2011 i saw a green light come down at about a 45 degree angle over phoenix, az . i thought it was a shooting star but ive seen shooting stars before and this was too green too bright and a little slower.  Thank you Guest 663! Anyone other witnesses from the Phoenix area?? email wxtx01@gmail.com w/ your reports. Thank You!

11:37:00 PM

Washington State Meteor Fireball 20nov2011

Email & Chat From:
Javier B.-Redmond, WA:
Nov 20 2011, 10:37 PM Guest168 (guest): my wife saw a red glow light shoot across the sky in Redmond, WA at around 8:30ish tonight 11-20. It was going from North to South.  Thanks Javier!

11:30:00 PM

Washington State Meteor Fireball 20nov2011

Email From:
Jim H.-Monroe, WA:

At approximately 3 am on Sunday, Nov 20, 2011 I observed a fireball in the eastern sky about 45 degrees above the horizon from my location near Monroe, Washington at 47.9 deg N, 121.84 deg W.  The sky was clear and a quarter moon was shining.  The larger constellations were brightly visible. The event was announced with a brilliant white flash with a duration of a second or less that illuminated the entire landscape for that brief moment.   The fireball appeared to consist of multiple, closely aligned parallel streaks of light that persisted for several seconds giving the impression of a large comet.  After the streaks of light faded, an oblong luminous pale cloud persisted, marking the location of the event.  Over a period of several minutes, the luminous cloud, spreading and dispersing across the region, faded and disappeared.
Jim H  Thank you Jim! OTHERS ??...email wxtx01@gmail.com w/ details. Thanks

9:30:00 PM

North Carolina Meteor Fireball 22nov2011

Email From:
Sally B.-Raleigh, NC:-7:30 P.M. EST:
Traveling by car from Raleigh, North Carolina towards Wilmington on I-40 East, near an area called Rose Hill.  Saw a large round lighted object arch across the sky, northeast to south west, approx.  It was several seconds and had a trail illuminated behind it... Like an oversized shooting star.  Seemed really close.  Looked for news today but did not find anything so did a few searches, found your site and thought I'd share this.
It was not like anything I'd ever seen.  Thanks for your report Sally!

9:28:00 PM

California Meteor Fireball 22nov2011

Email From:
Steve-W Of Sunset Beach, CA:-6:31 P.M. PST
Meteor was traveling straight down towards the horizon from my perspective, first noticed 10 or 15 degrees above horizon. Not certain what it was. Only visible for a few seconds.  Thanks for the heads up Steve!

8:43:00 PM

Southern California Meteor Fireball 21nov2011

Email From:
Ataya S.-Mission Viejo, CA-11:00 P.M. PST:
On Monday Nov. 21 I saw a Large fireball falling towards the north in Mission Viejo Ca (4 mi away from Ranch Santa Marguerita) . This fireball was approximately 10 sec or more, it was low flying and proportionate to the size of an average microwave with  an easily 6 ft long tale, I immediately rushed home and checked the web for any news of it; but could not find anything; then on Thursday Nov 24 I saw another in the same flight pattern in which the first one was seen, just smaller and at a higher altitude. is there any correlation to all of the fireballs being seen around here in the last week?  Thank you Ataya! We are currently between significant meteor showers. Could have been stragglers from the Leonids or pre-peak meteors from the upcoming December Geminids.

3:14:00 AM

North Carolina Meteor Fireball 18nov2011

Email From:
Ken C.-Near Potecasi, NC:
Good morning,
While watching for meteors this morning I saw a very bright and
long lasting meteor going from southeast to south in my field of
view at approximately 3:45 eastern time.  Of course, it was just out
of the field of view of my camera which was pointed east trying to
capture meteors.  It was fairly low on the horizon and angled slightly
downward.  It ended up slightly west of due south from my position
at Lat: N 36 ° 22 ' 42 '' ( 36.378 ° ),  Lon: W 77 ° 11 ' 9 '' ( -77.186 ° )  Excellent report Ken!

6:27:00 PM

West Texas Meteor Fireball...Captured By ELPALLSKY Fireball Camera 17nov2011

Image From Sandia Fireball Camera-El Paso Int'l Airport Air Traffic Control Tower 18nov2011 00:53:28 UTC - 17nov2011 5:53pm MST

Same Fireball Imaged From ELPALLSKY-Sandia Network Fireball Camera-El Paso, TX


3:42:00 PM


Make a Wish: the Leonids are Coming

Thursday, November 17, 2011
Look up at the sky tonight, and there's a good chance you'll see a shooting star. Tonight will be the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower, but it won't be seen in all of its glory due to a bright moon.

A Leonid fireball. Image copyright/credit: Lorenzo Lovato.

Peak activity is expected at approximately 10:40 PM EST. To see the meteors, it's best to view them far away from city lights, and you should allow your eyes to adjust to the night sky for about 15 minutes. Although there will be a bright third quarter moon, astronomers expect to see up to 20 meteors per hour. (MORE HERE)...

10:03:00 PM

Arizona Meteor Fireball ? 16nov2011

Email From:
Sally H.-Tucson, AZ:
Approximately 9:25pm MST, looking west-southwest from the northwest side of Tucson, AZ, I watched an orange fireball with a projectile that shot out at about 4:00 (as seen on a clock face). Then they both disappeared. Awesome!

We are looking for confirmation on this event! If you saw it, please send a description of your sighting to wxtx01@gmail.com  Thank You!

9:01:00 PM

West Texas Fragmenting Meteor Fireball 16nov2011

From Kevin Palivec-North Of Abilene Texas:
Checking thru my files and found this large event on my southwestern horizon.
Looks like it was a big one!
Hawley Sandia Allsky

CAPTURED AT 09:35:26 UTC-03:35:26 CST 16nov2011
Image above and video below courtesy and (c) 2011 Kevin Palivec-Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Fireball Network Camera-In imagery, UP is North and LEFT is East


3:24:00 AM

Houston Texas Meteor Fireball 15nov2011

Email From:
Henry-Houston, TX:
Yesterday at around 8ish I saw a green shooting start in Houston. I live in pearland Texas but it looked like it disappear towards downtown Houston. I wonder if anyone seen it

3:20:00 AM

Washington State Meteor Fireball 15nov2011

Email From:
Keith W.-Seattle, WA:
Driving home on I5 in south Seattle, near tukwillia, saw a very bright, slow moving meteor moving almost horizontally to the horizon with a slight down angle. Was visible for about 5 seconds. This took place around 7:35 pm pst on november 15th, 2011. Meteor was traveling east and appeared to be over kent WA. Was in eastern sky.  Thanks for the "heads up" Keith!

Kathleen J.-Port Angeles/Sequim, WA:
On Tuesday evening 11/15/2011, with clear night sky, approx. 7:30 pm pst timeframe (twilight), witnessed 2 separate extremely bright fireballs flash across the sky. Both were seen from a field at approx sea level, approx 10 miles from foot hills of Olympic Mountains, in a area between Port Angeles and Sequim, WA, looking up from ground level at the silhouette of Blue Mountain and Hurricane Ridge area on N side of Olympics.  The first fireball appeared to be a oval or rounded rectangular shaped object, extremely bright white to yellowish in color, moving extremely fast in a W to E direction, low in sky, visible just above the silhouette of the mountains. The fireball streaked across the sky for approx 2 seconds before exploding into a brilliant firework like display. The second fireball happened almost immediately after the first and appeared to be more like a shooting star, traveling NE to SW direction, was visible for approx 1-2 seconds in relatively the same area as first fireball was. There were no airplanes in the area at the time, no clouds, the sky was clear and stars bright with nearly full bright moon.  Both objects were visibly stunning.  Unknown if others saw same or if these fireballs were distintegrating space junk, meteorites or shooting stars, but these were brighter and larger than anything previously withnessed. Thank you for confirming this event Kathleen!

Pat W.-Haller Lake, WA:
About 7:20 pm 11-15-11 in the southern sky heading west to east. Appeared for about 5 seconds. Yellow / orange in color. With a long tail of debris.  Fun to see.  Thanks Pat!

Roger S.-Seattle, WA-7:30pm PST:
The fireball was huge in the sky. Flaming tail. Directionwas from the northwest to the southeast over the Puget Sound and West Seattle.  Thank you Roger!

Lori B.-Woodland, WA:We saw a long-lasting fireball falling west to east at about 7:40pm on Tuesday, 11/15, in Woodland, WA.  Thanks for your report!